“Drive By”

This song is released as the new single by American pop rock band, Train,  Train is a band from San Francisco, California. The song is from Train’s upcoming sixth studio album, which is said to be coming out this March or April 2012.  

"drive by" by train
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“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”

It is the song performed by Kelly Clarkson, an American pop rock singer from Fort Worth, Texas. The song was released on January 16, 2012 as Kelly Clarkson’s second single from her fifth studio album, Stronger. The song is also known as “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”, the song was written by Ali Tamposi, David Gamson, Greg Kurstin and Jörgen Elofsson. 

stronger by kelly clarkson
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“I Won’t Give Up”

Is the new song performed by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. The song was relesed on January 3, 2012 as Jason Mraz’s second single from his upcoming fifth studio album. The song was written by Jason Mraz together with Matthias Bell. It debuted at #8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for the issue week of January 21, 2012. 

"i won't give up" by jason mraz
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“Wild Ones”

Is the tittle of the song performed by American rapper and singer-songwriter Flo Rida. It was Flo Rida’s second single from his upcoming fourth studio album, Only One Rida (Part 2). The song was released on December 19, 2011, it also features vocals by Australian recording artist Sia .

"wild ones" by flo rida
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This is the song which was performed by American recording artist Chris Brown. The song is released on November 18, 2011 for digital download, it is Chris Brown’s lead single from his upcoming fifth studio album Fortune. The song features American singer, songwriter and rapper Kevin McCall.

"strip" by chris brown
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“Safe & Sound”

A new song performed by Taylor Swift an American singer and song writter. Taylor Swift recorded the song for the Hunger Games soundtrack. The song was released on December 23, 2011, it features country/folk duo The Civil Warsfeatures  country/folk duo The Civil Wars.

"safe and sound" by taylor swift
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